About us

About us

Learn our ethics and the services we intend to offer as well as our vision and mission for our company

Right Price

Who we are

At Right Price Advanced Sales & Marketing, our vision is to provide consumers with products that enhance and improve their day-to-day lives. We strive to find quality products that we can offer at affordable prices through our caring and informed staff members.


We offer top-quality health devices at the right price.

Career Opportunities

As a growing business, Right Price hires local staff to work in our two main locations.


Get latest news and follow ups on fitness, health and marketing updates

Health & Fitness

At Right Price, we believe a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Too many of us do not take our health seriously enough or cannot access affordable products. So, right now we are focused on delivering health and fitness products at the right price. We also offer helpful health and fitness information on our website blog.

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Not only do we focus on offering you quality products at the right price, our business model is designed to help others to start their own businesses and improve our nation’s economy. Our offices and warehouses in Lagos and Abuja are staffed by locals. But our growing list of merchandising partners can begin their work from anywhere in Nigeria. These independent merchandisers partner with Right Price to grow their own team and business in their community. Learn more about our career opportunities.

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