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What Our Customers are Saying

  • “My flow had been delayed and i was worried sick,but on using the dolphin massager,it was like magic, i was relaxed and nature took it’s course.”

    Mrs Diana

  • “I ordered a digital therapy slippers for the first time online, the ease and speed of delivery was almost too good to be true, it was like i looked in my first aid kit and got swift delivery.”

    Alhaji kashimu

  • “It’s rare in the country today to find a company that offers & honors it’s warranty policy, the quality of service is okay. When it come to health if you find a reputable company like this, you have to stick to them.”

    Prof. Chukwuma


Best Sellers

Posture Corrector

The position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting could either be negative or positive to your health especially if it is for a long period, the posture corrector forces you to assume a healthy position in every posture you take, enabling comfort and adequate blood flow

Digital Foot Massaging Slippers

The Digital acupuncture massage is an electromagnetic base machine that goes into your Bone marrow mainly the joints to free all joints from
1. Uric acid.
2. Arthritics.
3. Rheumatism.
4. Stroke patients.
5. High blood pressure
6. General body pains etc...

C-Tone Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Voice-enabled)

The Digital blood pressure Monitor C. Tone is certified by WHO... With product unique selling propensity that talks and advises you on every check. Not just you blood pressure it also indicates when your running temperature before it affects the raise of blood pressure through the heart indicator.
1. C. Tone gives accurate results as its been with an alkaline battery.
2. Stores over 240 internal memory.
3.Temperature indicator
4.Voice Notification.
5. automatic blood pressure sensor etc...

Dolphin Infrared Body Massage Hammer

The dolphin infrared massage is for general body massage for complete relaxation and exercise within the body and joint through the help of close infrared that helps to desolve clotting of unwanted caffeine there by protecting your calcium. Our infrared Based massage called Doctor Dolphin keep you free from....
1. High blood pressure.
2. Tommy blaster.
3. Neck pain.
4. Proper relaxation.
5. Pile patient.
6. Menstrual Cramps and Erectile Dysfunction

Foot Reflexology Palms

The foot reflexology basically helps to free up clotted blood under the footage as all human veins and nerves basically ends under the foot.

1. This foot reflex resist occurrence of cramps.
2. Help to stimulate the circulation of blood flow within your heart, lungs, eyes, joint etc.
3.It also bubbles blood at each stepping...

Health Smart Watch

Become more aware of your day to day activities in a smart way with the right price smartwatch. the smartwatch is fitted with a pedometer to calculate the number of steps you take a day, updates of your heartbeat, blood pressure as you carry out your daily activities. the watch also allows you to answer calls and read text messages and play music alongside its many other functions. The ideal way to live smartly and healthy.

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Why You Need Our Products


The Goal is to remain physically strong and agile for as long as possible.
We have a wide range of products that can ensure you get the desired results and are durable.


Simply put, being in great physical shape greatly increases the chances of a longer life
Why not go for products that would put you at an advantage to be in great shape at all times.

Best Shape of Your Life

You do want to stay in shape don’t you?
We want that for you too and that is why we have products of the highest quality
guaranteed to give you that edge when it comes to physical health


The ultimate goal is genuine happiness, and staying in great shape physically helps
Our products come with a one year warranty which ensures you basically have nothing to lose


All products from Right Price are non-invasive and have no side effects, which offers an alternative to the use of drugs for treatment.

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