Headache is simply a pain arising from the head. The pain originates from the tissues and structures that surround the skull or the brain. The brain itself has no nerve that gives rise to the sensation of pain, so when you feel an ache in your head it is not your brain that is paining you rather the tissues around the brain and the skull.

Common causes of headaches can be due to an underlying disease. The ache could also be a symptom of an illness or disease. The intensity varies as the case may be but the leading cause of headache is STRESS. Headache is the equal and opposite reaction of the body to stress – that is your body telling you that it is tired.

The obvious solution is rest, but what amount of rest do you actually need – 1, 2, 3 hours of rest? should you sleep or should you relax and just listen to music? should you watch a comedy or just have a chilled drink e.t.c.? all these are good solutions to stress but the pressure and tension that result from the demanding situation require a more permanent solution.

Have you tried getting a MASSAGE? There are various types of massage to ease stress.  Massage has proven to be very effective in managing stress and curing headaches resulting from stress; the aches come from the tissues and muscles. Delivering a soothing massage to the tired muscles and tissues revive the tired and overworked muscles and tissues. 

Hiring a masseuse or going to a massage parlor is advisable but getting a massage device so you could use it at your convenience and comfort. The advantage of using massage devices is that you don’t have to worry about all the cost of hiring a masseuse or going to the massage parlor and the adverse effects that come with taking pills like fake drugs, overdose, swallowing of several tablets. It becomes available for your whole family, quick response, and no side effect if you want to get rid of that headache or pain you should get such great massage devices like the Dolphin Massager and Dual Head Body Massager.


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