That Wednesday, it felt like a miracle had happened. 

Mrs Adebola walked into our office smiling from chin to chin and asked to speak with the CEO.

The Adebolas had suffered a strain on their marriage which was due to bedroom issues. This time, it wasn’t the wife’s problem but the husband’s. This was even more difficult to talk about being an unpopular subject of discourse in society. Advice always pouring in from his mum and friends, it always felt like the earth shook whenever she was in that conversation, the look on her husband’s face was definitely not one she was used to or wanted to be used to. 


The horrible sex gradually affected their communication and almost every part of their marriage. They were lucky to have happy moments at least once a week. There was no escape route either as they had to work from home – no thanks to the lockdown

She had come across an advert about a massager that has multi-functions but more importantly helps with erectile dysfunction, it looked like a joke to her but she decided to read more about it. 

The most difficult issue for her was talking to her husband about exploring another likely solution which isn’t a drug, therapist, pastor or imam. The next stage would definitely be convincing him.

She spotted one of their light moments and decided to chip in the massager and how she was going to use it to improve their bedroom skills. They excitedly looked forward to trying it out, she purchased from our online store – www.rightprice.com.ng.

Following the description on how to use the product, Mr Adebola used it for a period of 2 weeks and started noticing changes with his erection.

The gist is that everything in the bedroom is goooooooooood! “Our sex life is the greatest right now,” she said as she smiled like a schoolgirl in love. She really wanted to know what more she could get from the massager since it saved her marriage. It still feels surreal to her and we are glad to be part of this journey.

We want more people to know about this, and let us know if you want to purchase for a friend, family, well-wisher or yourself.


Keeping you healthy at the right price.

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