HD Vision Wrap Arounds

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This set of day and night glare-filtering glasses include durable, high-definion lenses at the front and sides. Glasses improve visual clarity and color. Daytime pair protect eyes against harmful UV rays and filter the sun’s glare. Night-time pair shield eyes from bright car and street lights on dark roads.

Model:  Idea Village HD Vision Wrap Arounds


  • Two pairs (day and night)
  • Durable, lightweight plastic materials
  • Fits even over prescription glasses
  • Lens enhances forward and peripheral vision
  • Bonus clip included

15,000.00 30,000.00


  • 1 pair for night use
  • 1 pair for day use
  • Bonus clip

Benefits of Use

  • Improves visual clarity and color
  • Filters glare for those with light-sensitive eyes
  • Minimizes eye damage from UV rays
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  1. Gbenga D.

    I used it while driving home at night and my vision was very clear. Even with reflection of lights from other cars, I could still see very clear. This is a life saving glasses against accidents.

    Gbenga D.

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