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Kemisola Adesanya, an Operations Manager at one of Nigeria’s prestigious banks had become unproductive and complacent at work. It was the second quarter of a bad performance and more excuses were made for her as she was known to be a high performer.

You see, she was always fatigued, stressed out and had taken few days off work to this effect without any changes. She had been to the hospital and had been treated for malaria, typhoid and other ailments but this still did not improve her productivity at work.

During her final appraisal session, Mrs Olu, the branch manager noticed her discomfort and decided to ask her about it. The discomforting expressions on her face seemed familiar, she dismissed the session, brought an item that looked like a seat, attached it to one of the chairs in the meeting room, encouraged Kemisola to sit on it and she was excused. Mrs Olu, a frequent customer with Right Price gave us this feedback stating how she almost lost an amazing talent in her company.

Kemisola was back to being proactive, productive and highly efficient, within another 3 months, she had engineered the teams to increase revenue by 35% and gained a promotion.

Ultimate Neck and Back Massager


【Full Back Massage】You can massage among three back massage zones: full back, upper back, or lower back. It brings you an ultimate deep kneading massage experience and relaxes your entire back muscles and nerve end.

【3D Shiatsu Massage】With 3D shiatsu massage nodes, the massage cushion mimic real massage hands of the masseuse to provide optimal pressure.


★【Vibrating Seat Massager】3 levels of vibration on the seat cushion provides an exact desired massage for hip and thighs.

★【Smooth Heat】The surface of the massage nodes can be heated to around 113 °F which warms your back and effectively soothe tired muscles.


★【health benefit】other than comfort and relaxation the device enables a free flow of blood preventing blood pressure issues, severe pains caused by stress to the waist, back, neck are treated effectively, performance is also enhanced with the infrared present in the device.




★【Buy with Confidence】your product is covered, we offer a one year warranty to our products.

Ultimate Neck and Back Massager


See how the ultimate massager refreshes the body

What our happy customers are saying

I bought this massage device because I always don't have the luxury of visiting a spa. It is a very fantastic therapy device, one of its kind.

Anytime I go on a massage session on this device, I fall asleep within minutes. A good product for me and the price is worth it.


-The 3D massage nodes mimic the real-life hand of a masseuse, religiously massaging the muscles making them entirely relaxed and enabling free blood flow.

-Magnetic heating heats the veins and attires, burning up free fat and excess glucose in the circulatory system and stabilises the blood pressure.

-reliefs pains in the neck and back that may have been caused by the wrong posture without the single use of drugs so no adverse effects.

-Take care of yourself in the most luxuriously and comfortably way possible with the neck and back massager. use it in your office, at home, or in the car.


You see, I know you will overcome high blood pressure, Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation after you using SWIFT CARDIO TEA. There is not a single doubt in my mind.

But since you do not know don’t want you to loose this life changing opportunity I figured this would be a good way to put your mind at ease.

OUR NECK AND BACK MASSAGER works without you taking a dozen of medicine pills-….

When you take advantage of our best value offer NOW, you will be saving big money.


FREE EMS Massager worth #22,500

You will also get one free foot massager. So whilst you massage your upper body, you can massage your foot as well.

This amazing additional package from us massages the sole of your feet using the reflexology technique and accu-points in your body.

You will also get FREE delivery anywhere in NIGERIA

How to use the Neck & Back Massager

  • You can massage among three massage zones: Neck area, the upper & lower back regions, the thighs.
  • Plug in the device to a direct power source or to your car outlet.
  • The massage nodes are strategically placed to target key accu-points around your body.
  • Turn on the heating therapy with the remote control.
  • The seat also give you a vibrating sensation whilst you enjoy a full fledged massage session.

How Can I order the Neck & Back Massager

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