Our smart Watch

I see more people taking charge of their well-being through the use of data and digital sensors, wearable health bands, and smartphone apps that can track and quantify everything from their heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep quality to steps walked and calories consumed.

Many men and women can tell you authoritatively that being able to monitor your business at all times, is one of the keys to success. Owning a Health Smart Watch has brings value to all as far as Health and well being is concerned.

GET TO KNOW everything about how healthy you are, along with what time of the day it is. I KNOW!!

Why Choose the Right Price Smart Wrist Watch

Amazing Battery Life

The right price smart watch is unarguably one of the smart watches out there tested and trusted to have a good battery life. Spanning up to 3 days on full charge and full functional usage. Could go for longer if used sparingly, Isn't that great?


Provides vital statistics such as pulse rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level

Standard Functions

Includes standard digital watch features such as time, date, stopwatch, and alarms.

Health Monitor

Observing the health of an individual in real-time. Monitors and assesses activity with pedometer, sleep assessment, etc.


Bluetooth compatible with your favourite smartphones. From bluetooth 2.0 to the latest versions of bluetooth.

Android & IOS Compatible

Compatible with both Android or Apple mobile phones (operating systems).

Easy Synchronization

Syncs with various types of smartphones using the best mobile fitness app in the market as of today called Dafit App, this has been rumoured to soon be acquired by google because of its accuracy and compatibility flexibility.

Screen Display & Strength

Anti-scratch screen with multi-colour display to give good user experience.

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